How To Build a Garden Wall

How to build your own garden wall

Building a garden wall is something you can do yourself, but you’ll need to think carefully about techniques, materials, and costs.

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Although building a garden wall is best left to the experts, installing a decorative wall for your garden is something you can do yourself. In either case, you’ll need to think carefully about techniques, materials, and costs.

Will your garden wall be stone, brick, or concrete?

Garden walls can be used for creating raised beds or landscaping your garden. They can be made from a variety of materials, each with pros and cons.

Concrete blocks are easy to work with. Plus, they’re strong, durable, and affordable. However, they don’t look very pleasing. Adding a stone veneer or cladding can improve the look but requires more time and money.

Red brick is a classic wall building material, with its lovely, warm feel. Plus, it’s easy to buy and is strong and durable. However, building with traditional brick is a more skilled job and will cost more than concrete.

Natural stone is another option. Smaller stone blocks are easier to work with, as stone can be heavy. Stone blocks can be used in a similar way to traditional bricks, and you’ll have more variety of color and texture. Stone is ideal if you want a rustic or natural finish to your wall, but small stone blocks may not come in uniform sizes.

Precast concrete is an alternative option, giving you more flexibility with shape and style. It’s cheaper to buy than natural stone or brick, and it can mimic these materials.

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