DeGroots Spire Arborvitae

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DeGroots Spire is a Dense, Upright Arborvitae That is Cold Hardy to -40 Degrees!

DeGroots Spire is an eastern Arborvitae that is popular for it dense foliage and narrow, columnar shape. They are also know to be long lived. Arborvitae Degroot’s Spire have no known pest issues and are comfortable with cold winters and scorching summer heat.

Because it is so narrow, DeGroots Spire Arborvitae does well wherever you want year round color but not the huge footprint other evergreen trees take up. Growth rate is considered slow, roughly 6 to 10 inches a year

Botanical Name

Thuja occidentalis ‘Degroot’s Spire’

Average Height 18 to 20 ft.
Average Width 4-5 ft.
Sun Full Sun
Foliage Dark Green
Growth Habit Dense upright and conical
Soil Conditions Grow best in well-drained soils.
Grow Zones 3 to 8

Grow Zones 3 - 8

DeGroots Spire Arborvitae Frequently Asked Questions

Are DeGroots Spire fast-growing?

Growth rate for these Arborvitae are considered slow. Yu can expect roughly 6 to 10 inches a year.

How big do DeGroots Spire Arborvitae get?

DeGroots Spire will get up to 20 feet wide and 4 to 5 feet wide.

Are DeGroots Spire deer resistant?

As is the case with most Arborvitae, DeGroots is deer resistant. hat does not mean deer proof. Although not at the top of their menu preferences, if hungry enough deer could munch on the foliage.



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