DIY Seed Ball Kit

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Roll, plant, harvest, enjoy.

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Relish the fruits…make that the vegetables of your not-so-laborious labor. These kits contain everything you need to make 20 nutrient-rich, ready-to-plant seed balls that will burst forth in a variety of colorful, delicious, nutritious veggies. Each kit includes a custom grow mix of clay and worm castings and four seed packets. You create the balls by rolling the seeds with the grow mix, and then just plant the balls, water, and watch your garden grow. It’s easy even for little ones, and a fun way to teach kids where their food comes from. Each kit includes complete planting instructions and a garden guide ruler. Kits assembled in Chicago, Illinois.

Choose from two kits:

Pizza Garden: Organic Genovese basil, organic cherry tomato, organic arugula, organic Greek oregano

Rainbow Garden: Non-GMO butternut squash, non-GMO carrot, non-GMO eggplant, organic sugar snap pea