Orchid Food Slow Release Fertilizer

Orchid Food by – Slow Release Fertilizer, 5oz. Bag Suitable for All Orchid Types and Other Acid-Loving Plants

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Slow-Release Orchid Food is a low rate fertilizer that releases vital nutrients over the course of 6 months. These fertilizer pellets are incredibly easy to use — simply apply to the mulch or moss of your Orchid plant just once every 6 months and watch as your Orchid flowers bloom with saturated tones and expanding petals.

These slow-release pellets have a thick outer coating that diminishes based on the soil conditions and needs of the plant. Meaning, the pellets release nutrients at a pace that is steady with the needs of the orchid, instead of the days of the week.

Perfect Plants Orchid Food is a three year supply for one single Orchid or can be divided amongst several plants, especially those that thrive in acidic soils. This product comes in a heavy duty, re-sealable bag perfect for storage or later use.