Rita’s Gold Boston Fern

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Rita’s Gold Boston Fern – Nephrolepis

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FERN: A fern is any one of a group of about 12,000 species of plants. Unlike mosses they have xylem and phloem (making them vascular plants). They have stems, leaves, and roots like other vascular plants. Ferns do not have either seeds or flowers (they reproduce via spores).

Slightly more compact than classic Boston ferns, this golden-leaved selection features striking chartreuse fronds that prefer shade but will tolerate intermittent sun. It shimmers from a distance and blends beautifully with impatiens, begonias, and caladiums in mixed containers. Introduced in 2006. Noteworthy Characteristics: Golden fronds; compact form; great in containers. Care: In the garden, grow in moderately fertile, moist but well-drained, humusy soil in partial shade. If grown as a house plant, grow in bright filtered light in a humid area with good ventilation. Water sparingly in winter.

  • Easy to grow house plant
  • Prefers bright, indirect light
  • Keep evenly moist, not wet or dry
  • Trim as neede