Zen Peace Lily Plant

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Zen Peace Lily Plant – Spathyphyllium – Great House Plant


Spathiphyllum the genus name means, literally, “leaf spathe”, with spathe defined as “A large bract or pair of bracts sheathing a flower cluster, as a spadix.” You’re likely to know it as “Peace Lily”. Its’ widespread interior use is due to its exceptional acclimation to low light conditions. There are approximately 30 different species of Spathiphyllum, some are native to Central and South America. Interestingly, two species are found on the other side of the world, in Malaysia, and one is native to both Costa Rica AND the Philippines. A fascinating plant that has somehow managed to circle the world long before man discovered its beauty. Wherever it is found, it thrives in the deep shade of the humid tropical rainforest understory.

The Peace Lily is very different from many plants used today indoors. They let you know quickly when they are dry by a noticeably droop in the foliage. They’ll bounce back quickly once watered. The proper time to water them is when the leaves start to droop, just a little. They are one of the best low light house plants!

  • Grows in low light
  • Blooms year round
  • Keep evenly moist

How to get your Peace Lily to bloom and often.

Although they can thrive on neglect, feeding them once in a while will reward you. Jobe’s Houseplants Fertilizer Food Spikes are good for house plants such as Peace Lily’s. They’re usually under $5 and you can get them with Amazon plus free shipping. You have plenty of other options for buying house plant food but we really prefer the plant food spikes. Usually put one in the dirt every 60 days. It’s so simple and easy. Do this with your Peace Lily plants and you will be thrilled with the quantity of frequency you get to enjoy the brilliant white blooms.