Asparagus Sprengerii Fern

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Asparagus Sprengerii Fern – Asparagus – Easy to Grow – Great Houseplant – Prices updated daily

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Lush, Delicate Green Foliage Looks Great in Hanging Baskets

Asparagus Fern is not a true fern, but a member of the lily family (Liliaceae). Long, arching stems densely covered with short, needle-like leaflets give this plant a delicate appearance. It has a cascading habit that makes it ideal for a hanging basket. Mature plants will bloom in summer with small, white-to-pale pink flowers, sometimes followed by clusters of green berries that turn red in the winter. Florists love the feathery, emerald-green foliage in bouquets. It’s also a popular outdoor container plant in temperate climates.

  • Botanical name: Asparagus densiflorus ‘Sprengerii’
  • Hardy in zones 9-10, elsewhere patio or indoors
  • Grows up to 24″ tall
  • Prefers full sun or light shade. Water when dry.