Fiddle Leaf Fig Soil

Fiddle Leaf Fig Soil – 8QTS, Professional Blend for All Fiddle Leaf Figs

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8 Quart Fiddle Leaf Fig Soil, introduced by Perfect Plants, is professionally mixed to enhance the soil conditions of your Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree. A critical blend of Coconut Coir, Pine Bark, Perlite, Sand and Fiddle Leaf Fig Food provides a moist and nutritious space for your fig to thrive.

Trees grown in containers do not have access to naturally occurring resources — this is why choosing a high-quality soil is very important for the longevity of your tree. Perlite will aerate the soil while Coconut Coir and Sand assist in retaining moisture. Less compaction in the soil will help plant roots grow and expand, eliminating any potential for stunted growth!

Proper moisture retention will help balance soil conditions promoting flushing green foliage and increased root strength. Perfect Plants Fiddle Leaf Fig Soil is great for use on all Fiddle Leaf Figs inside and outside of the home. This product ships in a 13×15″ heavy duty, re-sealable bag perfect for storage or later use.