Cast Iron Plant


Aspidistra (“cast-iron plant”), also called a parlor palm,  is a popular foliage plant. It is grown as a landscape plant in shaded spots in areas with mild winters, or as a houseplant elsewhere.

They’re grown for their ability to survive neglect and very shady conditions, indoors and out. Species of Aspidistra inhabit the floors of east Asian forests from eastern India, Indochina, China and Japan.

  • The Cast Iron Plant could be the “easiest houseplant” to grow in the world.
  • Grows in low light.
  • Thrives on neglect
  • Proper name: Aspidistra
  • Water when dry

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Cast Iron plants safe for dogs or cats?

Yes! Cast Iron plants are listed by the ASPCA as non-toxic to both cats and dogs. In fact, a cast iron plant is a great alternative for anyone considering a ZZ plant, which is poisonous to dogs & cats.

How big to cast iron plants get?

They get up to 2 feet wide and 3 feet tall. They are slow growers and usually do fine in a smaller container that would stunt the growth to whatever height you desire.

Do cast iron plants have flowers?

Cast iron are considered flowering evergreens. They are not very prominent. Small purple flowers appear right above the soil’s surface. They spread underneath the thick, glossy foliage.

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