Mr Goldstrike Aucuba

Variegated AucubaVariegated Aucuba
Variegated Aucuba- Japanese LaurelVariegated Aucuba- Japanese Laurel
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Mr. Goldstrike Aucuba is a one of the easiest growing plants you can get. Aucuba have a moderate growth rate, roughly 1 foot per year. Also known as Japanese Laurel, Mr. Goldstrike Aucuba thrives in shade and provides striking color year round. They are popular in mixed borders, along foundations or even planted in mass.

Mr. Goldstrike Aucuba Plant Facts:

Grow Zones: 6-10
Mature Height: 4 to 6 feet
Mature Width: 4 to 6 feet
Sun: Part Shade to Full Shade
Growth Habit: Densely branched, spreading
Foliage: Bright Green Specked with Gold
Botanical Name: Aucuba japonica ‘Mr. Goldstrike’
Pruning Time: Prune in spring after flowering
Soil Conditions: Any well drained soil
Water Requirements: Water well until established

Grow Zones

USDA Hardiness Zones 6 to 10