Organic Worm Castings

Organic Worm Castings, 20lbs, 100% Pure Castings Great for Vegetables, Fruits, Cannabis

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100% Pure Worm Castings is an all-natural fertilizer for plants grown in the landscape or potted in containers. This soil additive is simple to use and incredibly safe for ALL plant types.

Worm Castings are made of earthly, organic matter consumed and broken down by worms. The worm’s digestive process activates the organic matter — making it highly nutritious and easy for plant roots to consume. Adding this organic media will help to sweeten the surrounding soil.

Worm Castings act a natural barrier to disease while providing optimal enrichment to plant roots. 100% Pure Castings are highly concentrated and will disperse nutrients evenly throughout the soil; even when only used as a top-dressing. Perfect Plants 100% Pure Worm Castings comes as a 20lbs supply.