Cooperative Extension Offices

Cooperative Extension Service

Updated: July 31, 2020

COVID-19 statements are posted on the websites with most county extension offices. Some offices are closed with phone or email as the only contact options. Others allow limited in-office visitations or visits in the field to your location, depending on the need.

Every county in the United States has an office and they can offer a lot of great information for homeowners, like you, as well as agricultural establishments.

A few weeks ago I discovered a yellow jacket nest in the ground right next to the door to my backyard. I wanted to get rid of them but make sure; 1) I didn't risk my family's health, or,  2) Positively identify them as yellow jackets & find out if there was a safe way to remove them without harming any beneficial honeybees or other wildlife.

As much as I would love to believe everything I read or watch on the internet, I really wanted a local expert to help me. That's when I contacted our local county extension office. A few emails later and I had the solution. 

Local Experts Ready to Help for FREE!

Anyone who has read my previous blog posts knows I make great use of a local office staff that has helped answer many questions for all things related to trees, shrubs, yards, gardens & landscaping.  They’re very friendly, experts with the local area and, best of all, they offer their help for FREE.

Need help identifying certain insects or pests? Not sure if a certain tree or shrub will do well in your yard? Want your soil tested?  Need advice of what fertilizers to use and when? Maybe you want to start composting but need help? Gardening questions?  Lawn questions? Tree questions? These folks are ready & willing to help anyway they can.

Cooperative Extension Offices

I'm talking about cooperative extension offices. Every county in the United States has an extension office. Associated with one or more universities for each state, these offices serve as a non-credit educational network that staffs experts who can, and should be, a valuable resource for anything you do related to your yard & garden.

The official title is; 'The Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extension Service'. It is a Federal agency under the US Department of Agriculture.

For your convenience, we have compiled a list of the main websites for each state network. You can also find your local extension office with a simple Google search.

Planting Tips, Advice & More!

I recently watched a neighbor plant 2 evergreen shrubs in a low-lying area of their yard that stays pretty wet. It gets a few hours of hot, afternoon sun. Two planting holes were dug the exact size of the containers in the middle of a patch of grass.

I tried, in my ever so subtle way, suggesting they solicit some planting tips and advice.  I even offered the number & website to a local office of experts.

They plowed ahead with their project. Sadly, the chance of those shrubs surviving is not good. In less than 6 months my neighbor will be going back to the nursery complaining their shrubs died.

Trust me, I have learned the hard way, wasting a lot of time and money on landscaping that didn’t exactly turn out as expected.  I knew there had to be a better way.

State University Extension website
Alabama Alabama A&M University

Alabama Cooperative Extension System

Auburn University
Tuskegee University[13]
Alaska University of Alaska

Alaska Cooperative Extension

Arizona University of Arizona

Arizona Cooperative Extension

Arkansas University of Arkansas

Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service

University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff
California University of California

California Cooperative Extension

Colorado Colorado State University

Colorado State Cooperative Extension

Connecticut University of Connecticut

Connecticut Cooperative Extension System

Delaware University of Delaware

Delaware Cooperative Extension

Delaware State University

Delaware Cooperative Extension

District of Columbia University of the District of Columbia

District of Columbia Cooperative Extension Service

Florida University of Florida

Florida Cooperative Extension

Florida A&M University
Georgia University of Georgia

Georgia Cooperative Extension

Fort Valley State University
Guam University of Guam

University of Guam Cooperative Extension

Hawaii University of Hawaii

Hawaii Cooperative Extension Service

Idaho University of Idaho

Idaho Extension

Illinois University of Illinois

Illinois Cooperative Extension

Indiana Purdue University

Purdue University Extension

Iowa Iowa State University

Iowa State University Extension

Kansas Kansas State University

Kansas State University Research & Extension

Kentucky University of Kentucky

Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service

Louisiana Louisiana State University

Louisiana Cooperative Extension Service

Southern University and A&M College
Maine University of Maine

University of Maine Extension

Maryland University of Maryland

Maryland Cooperative Extension

University of Maryland Eastern Shore
Massachusetts University of Massachusetts Amherst

University of Massachusetts Extension

Michigan Michigan State University

Michigan State University Extension

Minnesota University of Minnesota

University of Minnesota Extension

Mississippi Mississippi State University

Mississippi State University Extension

Alcorn State University
Missouri University of Missouri

University of Missouri Extension

Lincoln University
Montana Montana State University

Montana Extension Service

Nebraska University of Nebraska

Nebraska Cooperative Extension

Nevada University of Nevada

University of Nevada Cooperative Extension

New Hampshire University of New Hampshire

New Hampshire Cooperative Extension

New Jersey Rutgers University

Rutgers Cooperative Extension

New Mexico New Mexico State University

New Mexico Cooperative Extension Service

New York Cornell University

Cornell Cooperative Extension

North Carolina North Carolina State University

North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service

North Carolina A&T State University

North Carolina A&T State University Cooperative Extension Program

North Dakota North Dakota State University

North Dakota Extension Service

Ohio Ohio State University

The Ohio State University Extension

Oklahoma Oklahoma State University

Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service

Oregon Oregon State University

Oregon Extension Service

Pennsylvania Penn State

Penn State Cooperative Extension

Rhode Island University of Rhode Island

Rhode Island Cooperative Extension

South Carolina Clemson University

Clemson University Cooperative Extension Service

South Carolina State University
South Dakota South Dakota State University

South Dakota Cooperative Extension

Tennessee University of Tennessee

University of Tennessee Extension

Tennessee State University

Tennessee State University Cooperative Extension Program

Texas Texas A&M University

Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service

Prairie View A&M University
Utah Utah State University

Utah State University Extension

Vermont University of Vermont

University of Vermont Extension System

Virginia Virginia Tech

Virginia Cooperative Extension

Virginia State University
Washington Washington State University

Washington State University Extension

West Virginia West Virginia University

West Virginia University Extension Service

West Virginia State University

West Virginia State University Extension Service

Wisconsin University of Wisconsin-Extension

University of Wisconsin Extension

Wyoming University of Wyoming

Wyoming Cooperative Extension Service

Being able to ask questions with a local expert free of charge is invaluable.  Getting help is easy, contact them today!