Dwarf Brown Select Satsuma Tree

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The Satsuma mandarin tree originated in China and has been grown for more than 2000 years. This tangerine tree was taken to Japan by monks who developed it further. It reached the United Sates in the 1870s with the help of the wife of a United States minister to Japan who sent the seeds back home.

The Brown Select Satsuma dwarf citrus tree was created in order to fill the market gap between the harvests of other Satsuma varieties. It originated from open-pollinated ‘Kimbrough’ seedlings collected at CRS or Citrus Research Station in Louisiana in the late 1960s and selected in the middle of post-freeze assessment after 1983. It was field-tested at the CRS as LA 4-40 and was later named Brown Select, in honor of the CRS’ former citrus researcher and superintendent, Ralph Brown.

The Dwarf Brown Select Satsuma Tree (Citrus unshiu Brown Select) is an evergreen citrus tree of the family Rutaceae that is cold tolerant and can be grown outdoors in USDA growing zones 8-11. It is also suitable planted in a pot in colder areas with severe weather conditions. The Satsuma dwarf tangerine tree grows up to 8 ft in height but can be maintained at 6 feet with regular pruning. It has open-spread branching, bears fragrant white flowers,and fruit concentrated in clusters along the branches. The fruit this dwarf citrus tree produces is tasty, juicy, sugary sweet, and typically seedless.