Dwarf Moro Blood Orange Tree

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Blood Orange Trees are believed to have originated from either China or the southern Mediterranean where they have been cultivated since the 18th century. They are a natural cross between a pomelo tree and a tangerine tree. The Dwarf Moro Blood Orange tree, botanically named as Citrus sinensis ‘Moro’, is the newest variety among the three most common types of blood oranges. It originated as a bud mutation of the “Sanguinello Moscato” in 19th century in southern Spain, Lentini located in the Province of Siracusa in Sicily.

The Dwarf Moro Blood Orange Tree is an evergreen citrus tree with round top and spreading growth habit that is typically grafted onto Flying Dragon dwarfing rootstock or citrus trifoliate to make it more cold tolerant and disease resistant. This dwarf orange tree is categorized as a tropical tree that does well in the U.S. Department of Agriculture USDA growing zones 8 through 11. If you live in zones 4 to 11 you can still grow this Blood Orange Tree in a container, and move it indoors when the temperature drops and the weather outside becomes too harsh.

Dwarf Moro Blood Orange Trees are ornamental trees that add instant curb appeal wherever they are planted. They are a welcome addition to any garden, backyard, or pot on your patio. Furthermore, these orange trees produce beautiful, fragrant blooms in spring that are a delight to look upon and smell. These blooms then turn to medium-sized sweet, juicy, blood-colored oranges with little to no seeds. Blood orange flesh varies in color, from orange veined with ruby coloration, to vermilion, to vivid crimson, to dark, almost black flesh.

Frequently Asked Questions


Does the Dwarf Moro Blood Orange Tree need a pollinator?

No. The Dwarf Moro Blood Orange Tree is self-fertile, you do not need more than one tree to produce fruit.

Can the Dwarf Moro Blood Orange Tree be planted in a container?

Absolutely. Planting the Dwarf Moro Blood Orange Tree in a pot is ideal especially for growers outside the recommended growing zones. This allows the tree to be brought indoors during colder months.

Does the Dwarf Moro Blood Orange taste different than a regular orange?

It does. The Dwarf Moro Blood Orange Tree produces a sweet, tart fruit with a distinct strawberry/raspberry flavor.


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