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Dwarf Meyer Lemon Tree is The Most Popular Home Grown Citrus

The Improved Meyer Lemon tree is the most popular dwarf citrus tree.  It is cold hardy and the fruit is less acidic, it is not as sour as other lemons. The blooms have an amazing scent. The fruit starts green but eventually ripens to a rich yellow color.

Meyer Lemons are prized by chefs but extremely hard to find in grocery stores.  That is because they just don’t have as long of a shelf life to sit unsold in grocery stores as other lemon varieties.

Grow Meyer Lemon Trees Anywhere!

You can grow a Semi-dwarf Meyer Lemon tree anywhere in the country. Grow it in a container that you can bring indoors during colder weather.  Just try to keep them near a sunny window. It can remain outdoors year-round in grow zones 8 through 11. They could suffer if there is a hard freeze. That is when the ground temperature dips below 32 degrees for 4 or more hours. If left outdoors, protect your tree. Home Depot sells a frost protection cover for $11.

Meyer Lemon trees usually bloom twice a year including early winter, filling your home with an amazing sweet citrus aroma. Dwarf Meyer lemon trees can bloom and bear fruit throughout the year.

The ‘improved’ distinction in the name is important. This variety was bred to be more disease-resistant than the original Meyer lemon. The name ‘Meyer’ comes from Frank Meyer who worked for the US Department of Agriculture in the early 20th century.

Caring for your tree is pretty simple. Keeping it on a regular watering schedule is important. They don’t require much, but don’t let the soil & roots dry out too much. If you grow a Meyer Lemon tree in a container outdoors, it would be best to keep it from getting too much afternoon sun on the hottest days in summer. You can usually tell when the leaves start to droop a little that it needs a drink. Make sure your container has drainage holes on the bottom. Use a citrus fertilizer in spring and again in fall.

Pro Tip to Get the Most Meyer Lemons Indoors:

The Improved Meyer Lemon trees are self-fertile, meaning you don’t need two to bear fruit. It is important, however, to make sure the pollen from the flowers is spread among the others.  Outdoors a simple breeze and pollinators, like bees, will do the trick. If you bring it indoors in the winter, the winter flowers may need a little help. A cotton swab will get pollen to cling to it which you can then apply to other blooms. It’s a bit meticulous, but you will be rewarded with a tree full of Meyer lemons!

How and when to prune your Improved Meyer lemon tree:

Meyer Lemon trees can be pruned if you want to keep them to a particular size. They can be kept as small as 4 feet and still produce fruit. It is okay to prune any time of the year except for winter with Meyer lemon trees outdoors. You can make your citrus tree look fuller with occasional pruning of some of the longer branches, especially if they start drooping or becoming leggy.

Botanical Name

Citrus x ‘Meyeri Improved’

Mature Height 6 – 8 feet
Mature Spread 4 – 6 feet
Soil Type Widely Adaptable
Moisture Moderate
Sun Exposure Full Sun
Growth Rate Medium
Grow Zones 8 to 11 outdoors / 4 to 11 indoors
Fruiting Time Multiple times a year. Usually spring & fall.

Do NOT buy a tree if only the height is listed. Call the nursery and ask what size container the tree is in. It can make a huge difference. We purchased a tree listed as 3 to 4 feet from 2 nurseries. One came in a tiny 4-inch pot, the other in a 2-gallon container. Needless to say, the tree in the larger container was much better with more branches and a bigger trunk.

How to Care for an Indoor Meyer Lemon Tree

How to Pollinate a Meyer Lemon Tree Indoors

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the best place to buy Meyer lemon trees online?

In our opinion, Four Winds Growers is the best place to buy a wide variety of dwarf and semi-dwarf citrus trees. is also good as well as Garden Goods Direct.

How tall does a Meyer lemon tree get?

The Improved Meyer Lemon trees sold online are usually grafted on dwarf rootstock. This makes them suitable for containers. Grafted Meyer Lemon trees can grow as tall as 8 to 10 feet when planted in the ground. In a container, the dwarf tree will stay much smaller.

How do you care for a Meyer lemon tree?

Make sure you plant the tree in soil that drains well with a container that has plenty of drainage holes. Drill a few extra if it only has one. Allow the soil to dry out between watering. Make sure the container doesn’t sit in any standing water. Use a citrus tree fertilizer or one with high nitrogen. Most citrus trees bloom twice a year so it’s best to fertilize in early spring & fall.

Do you need two Meyer lemon trees to produce fruit?

No! These trees are self-pollinating. When outdoors, just let the bees do their jobs. If you bring it indoors for winter, transfer pollen from bloom to bloom using a Q-tip.



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