Navel Orange Tree

Oranges on tree
Navel Oranges
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Sweet, seedless Navel oranges are one of the most popular selling oranges at grocery stores. Navel orange trees are pretty easy to grow. If you live in a colder climate, plant them in a container to bring indoors in the winter. The blooms have an amazing sweet citrus aroma.

  • Easy to grow. The Navel Orange tree is easy to grow. In colder climates, brig it indoors & keep near a sunny window.
  • It is drought tolerant and pest and disease resistant.
  • Health benefits. This yummy citrus fruit provides vitamins, minerals, and other healthy compounds. It also benefits the immune system and can promote heart and digestive health.
  • Self-fertile citrus tree. You only need one Navel Orange tree to grow plenty of fruit. Cross-pollination is not necessary for citrus trees to produce fruit.
  • Year-round appeal. This evergreen tree has nice green foliage, fragrant flowers, and delicious and healthy fruit.
Botanical Name: Citrus sinensis ‘Osbeck’
Average Height: 10 – 12 feet
Average Width: 10 – 12 feet
Sunlight: Full sun
Spacing: 10 feet
Grow Zones: 8 to 11 outdoors | 4 to 11 patio

US Hardiness Grow Zone Map

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