Top 5 Most Popular Cat or Dog Safe Houseplants

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Keeping our pets safe is always a top priority. When it comes to house plants, there are some very popular ones that can be toxic to cats, dogs or sometimes both. The Peace Lily, for example, is toxic to both dogs and cats. It can cause the lips & tongue to become irritated, create difficulty in swallowing and vomiting.

Our pets are known to try to eat almost any type of greenery when they have an upset belly. Grass & easy to reach house plants being at the top of their list. Sometimes they will just nibble on a plant more out of curiosity.

If you’re not sure if your houseplants are pet safe, The ASPCA keeps a list of toxic plants for dogs & cats.

Click here to view ASPCA toxic plant list for dogs

Click here for the ASPCA Toxic plant list for cats

When it comes to buying house plants that are safe for your cat or dog; here are the top 5 most popular:

African Violet#1 African Violet

African Violet’s are the most popular flowering house plant in the country. They are easy to grow with blooms all year long. They come in a variety of bloom colors and are relatively inexpensive.


Dwarf Cavendish banana plant#2 Dwarf Banana Plant

This dwarf variety allows you to bring a taste of the tropics indoors; literally! At maturity, the Cavendish Banana plant will get 3 to 4 feet tall. And yes, it will produce small banana’s, even when grown in a container. These are the same bananas you find in grocery stores.


Spider Plant#3 Spider Plant

The classic green with white stripe Spider Plant (Chlorophytum) has been a popular houseplant since the 1970’s.  They are easy to grow, tolerate artificial lighting very well and Spider Plants are non-toxic to both cats and dogs. However, certain breeds of cats and dogs seem to love the taste of the leaves and could get an upset stomach from eating too much. It’s nothing unsafe, just a bit of over-indulgence.


Venus Flytrap#4 Venus Fly Trap

Yes, this fun & unique plant may be carnivorous but it is just a wee bit too small to be a risk for your cats or dogs 🙂 They are non-toxic to both cats & dogs so a nibble out of curiosity won’t harm them.


boston fern#5 Boston Fern

This is a bright green household favorite. They are super easy to grow and can brighten up almost any room. Their dangling foliage may be tempting to your cat or dog but don’t worry, they are non-toxic.


You can view our complete list of popular pet safe houseplants for sale here. We compare lowest prices online from top rated garden centers.

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