African Violet Houseplant

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African Violet For Sale Online

The most popular blooming plant in the world is the African Violet (SAINTAPAULIA). And for good reason, they bloom continuously, twelve months a year. Plus they are easy to grow, a filtered light window with warm temperatures is all you need. Keep evenly moist, not wet dry. The variety and color of the violet you will receive will vary with the season. Novelty African Violets are unusual varieties not normally found for sale.

  • The world’s best blooming house plant
  • Provide bright, indirect light, Keep evenly moist, not wet or dry

African Violet care

African violet houseplants love indirect sunlight. Place them where they can get a lot of light, just not direct sun beating down on them. Southern facing windows get the most sun, so place them a few feet away from a southern facing window. Eastern facing would be ideal. If the leaves start yellowing and you aren’t getting many blooms, than you may not be giving your African Violet enough sun.

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Frequently Asked Questions


How often should I water an African Violet?

In general, about every 2 weeks. They prefer to keep moist but not soggy soil. Also avoid the leaves when watering.

Are African Violets considered toxic to pets or kids?

Neither the flowers or leaves are considered to dogs, cats or humans.

How often should you fertilize an African violet?

It is recommended to use a common houseplant fertilizer every 2 weeks when the plant is actively flowering.

What temperature range will they thrive in?

The key is to keep them away from drafts from your indoor heating and air conditioning vents. Overall, they prefer temperatures between 65 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit.


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