Boston Fern


Boston fern, a live, low maintenance house plant that adds instant life to indoor rooms and porches. Planted in a hanging basket that can be displayed indoors and out If you are looking for instant impact for any indoor room with windows or porch, Boston Fern will deliver.

This lush plant offers deep green fronds that arch beautifully over the sides of its hanging basket. The native habitats of Boston Ferns are the humid forests and swamps of warm climates. With the right care, you can grow this exotic beauty in a hanging basket nearly anywhere in your home.

These beauties fill up space like no other houseplant. This beautiful houseplant has been a favorite in elegant homes for hundreds of years. Indoors, these leafy plants fill dark corners with lush foliage. Outdoors, they’re the classic front porch plant, signaling the beginning of summer in most neighborhoods.

They thrive in shaded or partially shaded locations. Boston ferns do not like direct sunlight.

A Great Plant for New Homeowners!  A live Boston Fern is an ideal first house plant for new home or apartment dwellers. Boston Ferns add instant living décor to a newly decorated room.

A Healthy Boston Fern Plant is a Natural Air Purifier in a Hanging Basket. The NASA Clean Air Study concluded that Boston Fern was one of several plants that can improve the air quality in your home. The study by NASA found that Boston ferns actively remove chemical pollutants, such as toluene and xylene, from indoor air. Like all house plants, Boston Ferns purify the air by removing carbon dioxide and producing oxygen.

The Boston Fern only needs about 2 hours of indirect sunlight per day. Watering often keeps your Boston Fern healthy and vibrant with deep greens and strong stems. This is especially important when using a hanging basket, because moisture evaporates faster than in a pot. In dry environments, you can imitate humidity by misting your fern twice a week.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Boston Ferns safe for cats and dogs?

Yes! This bright green popular house plant is non-toxic for both cats and dogs.

How often do you water a Boston Fern?

Boston Ferns prefer moist soil, so you should water it twice a week. Do not let the soil dry out. If the container has a tray underneath, make sure you don't leave standing water in it. That could eventually start rotting the roots.

Can a Boston Fern be grown outdoors?

Plant Hardiness Zone Map

The Boston Fern can be grown outdoors in Grow Zones 8 through 11. They are common in hanging baskets hanging outdoors in colder climates, just bring them back indoors during colder weather. Also, keep them from getting direct sunshine.

How much sunlight does a Boston Fern need?

The needs change depending on the season. In fall & winter they need about 2 hours a day of indirect sunlight. Spring & summer closer to 4 hours.

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