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Grow & Brew Your Own Coffee Beans With the Arabica Coffee Bean Plant!

The original home of the coffee plant is Africa. The first coffee plant of economic importance was Coffee Arabica. It grows to the height of 2-3 feet but the cultivated plants are cut to the height of 1-2 feet to get more width. The leaves of the coffee are lustrous dark green with lighter underside. The flowers emerge from the branches together with the leaves. The white coffee flower has five petals and a scent resembling that of jasmine. The coffee berries are cherry-sized and green at first, turning dark red later on. The ripening takes eight months. The coffee plant can simultaneously have flowers and berries in all stages of development. The coffee tree requires temperature of 65-80 degrees F. Thus, the coffee tree is a tropical plant.

  • Easy to grow houseplant
  • The white coffee flower has five petals and a scent resembling that of jasmine
  • The coffee bean plant requires temperature of 65-80 degrees Farenheit

Arabica Coffee Bean Plant Frequently Asked Questions


Do Arabica coffee plants grow beans?

Yes! Small white flowers in spring will turn to dark green beans that will eventually turn dark brown.

Are Arabica coffee plants easy to grow?

They are considered easy to grow. They do like high humidity environments which you can replicate using a mister to mist the leaves once every week to 2 weeks.

Do Arabica coffee plants prefer sun or shade?

They grow best with bright, indirect sunlight. As a houseplant that means placing it near a southern facing window. Just make sure it doesn't get too much direct sunlight. That will cause the leaves to get crispy brown on the edges and stress it out.


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