Skip Laurel

Schip Laurel
Laurel Shrub
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One of the Most Popular Fast Growing Privacy Hedges

Skip Laurel, also called Schip Laurel, is a fast growing hedge that can handle a little bit of everything. They can thrive in full sun to part shade. Skip Laurel are not fussy about soil conditions as long as the soil stays well drained. They are cold hardy to -10 degrees Fahrenheit.  These evergreen Laurel shrubs are also drought tolerant and deer resistant. They have dense foliage, which is why they are so popular for privacy.

Skip laurel have very fragrant white flowers in spring that will attract many pollinators. The flowers turn into red berries that last from fall into winter.

Growth rate averages about 2 feet per year. Skip Laurel can grow up to 15 feet but can be kept trimmed to just about any height you desire. Pruning is best done in spring, after they have flowered. When planting for a privacy hedge, space these Laurel shrubs about 4 feet apart to create a thick, lush evergreen privacy fence.

BOTANICAL NAME: Prunus laurocerasus
MATURE HEIGHT: 14 to 16 feet untrimmed
MATURE WIDTH: 5 to 6 feet
CLASSIFICATION: Broad leaved evergreen shrub
SUNLIGHT: Full Sun to Part Shade
HABIT: Densely branched, upright
FOLIAGE: Dark Green
WATERING: Water well until established.
GROW ZONES: 5 to 9

USDA Hardiness Zones 5 - 10

USDA Hardiness Zones 5 to 9

How fast does Skip Laurel grow?

Expect a minimum of 2 feet a year. It can grow as fast as 4 feet annually with ideal planting conditions.

How far apart should you plant Skip Laurels?

To create a dense privacy hedge, plant Skip Laurels 5 feet apart from the center of each planting hole. If you want a row but have space between each shrub, plant them 10 feet apart.

When is the best time to prune Skip Laurels?

Late spring into early summer after the shrubs has finished blooming is the best time to prune. Pruning in fall is okay but you risk not having enough time for new leaves to grow back by spring.

Are Skip Laurel shrubs deer proof?

There are very few shrubs that are deer proof. Skip Laurel are considered deer resistant but if hungry enough, deer will nibble on the leaves.