Un-boxing Blue Chinese Wisteria Tree

Blue Chinese Wisteria tree delivery

3 gallon Blue Chinese Wisteria treeNature Hills Blue Chinese Wisteria Tree Unboxing

Nature Hills boasts that the Blue Chinese Wisteria tree is their best-selling product. As a former marketing consultant for them, I can confirm that the statement is accurate.

Our order was made in spring for a 3-gallon size container.  Last we checked (1/2/24), Nature Hills was only selling a 1-quart container Blue Chinese Wisteria Tree for $49.99. 

The order took 2 weeks to arrive. We posted a few pictures below. Considering it was their busiest time of the year, I don’t consider 2-weeks too bad.  It was securely packaged and arrived in good shape. The foliage was a little wilted but some water & sunlight brought them back to life quickly.

The tree came from The Plant Factory, Inc. in Mobile, AL  https://theplantfactoryinc.com/ Their slogan is; “Custom grown shrubs and trees shipped directly from our nursery to your home”.  It looks like you can order plants directly from them. For example; they sell Frost Proof Gardenia 1 and 3-gallon sizes. The Plant Factory 1-gallon Frost Proof Gardenia was $27.95; the Nature Hills 1-gallon size was $39.95.

Two Major Differences Between Nature Hills Picture and the Actual Product.

Blue Chinese Wisteria trunkTrunk Sizes

The trunk on the tree we received was a lot smaller than what you will find on their product page online. The ‘trunk’ of the Blue Chinese Wisteria tree was barely as round as the bamboo support stick it was secured to. The diameter is maybe twice the size of a pencil.

Tree Color

Blue Chinese Wister TreeThe color of the Blue Chinese Wisteria tree on Naturehills.com is just a wee bit different than the original. It was heavily photoshopped.  In fact, the description was changed after so many people complained their blooms were lavender, not blue. The product description is now revised; “flowers that can range from sky blue to rich lavender”.

Mine bloomed the first year and were very lavender, not close to the blue on the Blue Chinese Wisteria tree page on nature Hills. In contrast, Nature Hills also has a product page for just the Blue Chinese Wisteria vine, not the tree.  The color between the 2 is just a little bit different. 

Wisteria are fast growers. In fact mine took off.  Those things will reach out and attach to almost anything.  Also need to keep an eye on the growth of the primary tap root.  Mine went through the drainage hole in my container & started pushing down between two bricks on my patio. It was pretty aggressive.


The bottom line, it is a lavender-ish wisteria vine grafted onto a small caliper standard support. The Blue Chinese Wisteria tree is unique and as far as I know, only available at Nature Hills. So far this year they are only offering bare-root, so don't expect any leaves, like my pictures show. It may not look like much more than a stick when you get it but wisteria do grow fast. 

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Doug Hall