Unboxing Garden Goods Direct Rattlesnake Houseplant

Last Updated on December 29, 2022

Unboxing Garden Goods Direct Houseplant

When we visited Garden Goods Direct a few years ago, we were impressed with the wide variety of houseplants they had but more importantly, the quality. Woodie’s Garden Goods Direct (Yes, there really is a Woodie!) is located in a temperate area near the Chesapeake Bay area of Maryland. This gives them an advantage to be able to care for and ship houseplants year round.

But, how do they ship a relatively tender houseplant in winter that could be in a very cold shipping truck for a few days. We decided it was time to find out. Since our visit, we had ordered houseplants from My Perfect Plants and Lively Root. So, we decided it was time to see if they have maintained the same quality we witnessed a few years ago.

When we shopped for a houseplant, our primary considerations were easy to grow, low light tolerant and pet safe. Navigating gardengoodsdirect.com store is super easy. In fact, they are ranked as #6 in our latest top 20 online nursery rankings.

We wanted something for a glass top coffee table that only had northern facing windows. That meant low light. We decided on a Calathea Rattlesnake plant. They have distinctive dark green spots that resemble those of a rattlesnake and have ruffled edges. They also feature a unique red-purple color under the leaves.

The rattlesnake plant is also referred to as a Prayer plant. This is because they move their leaves from day to night as a part of their circadian rhythm. This makes their purple undersides more prominent as the leaves raise up in evening. Frankly, it kind of freaked us out the first time it happened.

Garden Goods Direct order confirmationAt the time we bought, Garden Goods Direct was offering a 50% off coupon code. We bought a 6 inch plant that listed a regular price of $59.95. At 50% off, we bought the plant for $29.98. Shipping was $14.18 for a total of $44.16.

The order shipped 2 days later & took 2 days to get to us.

Just as a side note, we couldn’t help but notice the price went down $10 as soon as the 50% off sale ended. That 6 inch plant when we last checked was priced at $49.95. That seems a bit disingenuous.

There was a heat pack inside the box that, well, wasn’t warm. There were edges of  the leaves that were against the heat pack that were brown and crunchy. Either the heat pack burned the edges or the plant had been under-watered. In either case, not great.

The brown edges were just a few of the leaves. A relatively minor, cosmetic issue. Overall, it was a healthy specimen. It was bigger than what we expected and had a fantastic root system. For $30, we were very satisfied with what we received.

We had some houseplant potting soil from Perfect Plants that we used to transplant our new plant into a self-watering planter. It’s our first attempt at using a self-watering planter. We’ll post updates after using it for a while.

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Unboxing Garden Goods Direct Rattlesnake Plant

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Garden Goods Direct ship houseplants through the winter?

Yes! We noticed a fair number of complaints of some minor frost damage but, as we experienced, they do use heat packs to help the plant during transit.

How big does a Rattlesnake plant get?

The Calathea Rattlesnake plant can grow up to 3 feet tall & wide.

Are Rattlesnake plants pet friendly?

Yes! Rattlesnake plants are non-toxic to cats, dogs & humans.

Are rattlesnake plants easy to care for?

Yes. They can thrive in low light. Their leaves will wilt to tell you they need water and will quickly bounce right back. Bonus - their large leaves not only produce more oxygen but are also known for trapping dust!

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