Great Garden Plants Unboxing

Great Garden Plants Unboxing

Last Updated on April 27, 2021

Great Garden Plants Unboxing – We finally ordered from! They have only been one of our top online nurseries for over 2 years.

We ordered 3, 1-quart container size Irish Moss and 1, 3-inch container of a Sun Mousse Hosta. Bottom line, we were impressed with every part of the process.  In fact, we will be ordering about 12 more of the Irish Moss that we want to use around a stone walkway in a natural area of our yard.

Great Garden Plants has put a lot of effort into making their website as helpful for you as possible.  It shows.  We knew where we wanted to plant but we were not sure what to plant. does a good job helping you to shop plants.

Great Garden Plants Order The Irish Moss came in a 1-quart container and there was a small discount if you bought 3 to 5. So, we picked up 3 at $13.69 each.  The Hosta, “Sun Mousse’, was $16.99. Our total was $58.06, shipping was $4.95. With taxes, the total was $67.58.

Great Garden Plants is located in Michigan.  We were not sure what quality we would get this early in their growing season. As we discovered from a video on their Facebook page ( their plants are grown in greenhouses.

The plants we received not only looked great but, more importantly, they had great root systems!  That is critical to help ensure success when you introduce new plants to your soil and weather.

Great Garden Plants Unboxing The packaging was rather ingenious. The 4 plants were secured within 2 boxes that were then put into one packing box that was taped close. None of the dreaded industrial staples to pry out!! Had to use my pocket-knife to get the poly wrapped around the container off but that is pretty minor consideration.

Each box also had a perforated tab in the middle to make it easy to get both plants out.  It is obvious they have spent some time to figure out what works best for everyone.

We ordered on a Wednesday, received our ship confirmation email the following Monday and the plants arrived Wednesday afternoon. The whole process went very smoothly.

Below is a gallery of all our unboxing pictures from the delivery.

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Irish Moss Plant Details

Botanical name: Sagina subulata
Common name: Irish moss
Zone: 4 to 9
Sun exposure: part shade to part sun
Height x width: 1″ to 15″
Flower color: white
Foliage color: green
Season of interest: Spring thru fall

About Irish Moss

Sometimes referred to as Pearlwort, it is sometimes confused with a similar, but less common species called Scotch Moss. Irish Moss stays a vibrant green throughout the year and Scotch Moss has a more of a gold shade in winter.

Irish Moss Uses for your landscape.

Irish Moss (Sagina subulata) is a low-maintenance ground cover that is perfect for use in rock gardens, between pavers, at the edges of a path, and as a limited area lawn substitute.

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