Bird?s Nest Fern

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Bird’s Nest Fern is one tough plant. It doesn’t mind being over-watered and it has a unique, almost pre-historic look. People will inevitably ask you what kind of plant it is! Not only is it tough to kill but it also does fine in low light areas. Makes it perfect for an office or any room in your home that doesn’t get much light or just artificial light.

Bird’s Nest is a slow growing fern but will get to a mature height of about 2 feet and about 1 foot wide.

Ferns are popular houseplants and will do great indoors.  Ferns are some of the easiest plants to care for and will thrive indoors. If ferns get too much light, the leaves can suffer from sunburn and have a bleached look. Water most ferns enough to keep the soil moist, but not wet or soggy.

Bird’s Nest Fern Frequently Asked Questions

Are Bird's Nest Ferns poisonous to dogs?

Most ferns are considered herbaceous. As an herb, it is one of a few that are not harmful to dog. Boston fern, like the Bird's Nest ferns are safe for your pets.

How much light do Bird's Nest Ferns need?

As an indoor houseplant, they prefer filtered or indirect light.

How big can Bird's Nest ferns get?

In their natural habitat, fronds of the fern can get as big as 5 feet long. As an indoor houseplant, they usually mature to about 24 inches tall and 12 to 18 inches wide.

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