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Bonsai Fertilizer Pellets – 5 Year Supply – All Natural Slow Release – Immediate Enrichment for All Live Bonsai Trees

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Perfect Plants Bonsai Fertilizer Pellets is the multi-purpose nutrient boost your Bonsai Tree needs for root replenishment. Trees grown in containers have a limited access to nutrients — with Perfect Plants Bonsai Fertilizer you can ensure nutrient enrichment to your tree year-round.

One application provides 12 months enrichment to the soil of your tree. This helps promote new growth while building a strong root system for your containerized plant.

Our re-sealable, heavy duty bag contains a 5yr. supply for one single tree, or can be used as a one year supply for multiple trees. A single product weighs approximately 5oz. in a 3×5″ re-sealable, heavy duty bag which can be stored away for later use.