Cylindrical Snake Plant

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Cylindrical Snake plants have long, round, vertical spikes. They have a very unique look. Also known as a Bamboo Shoots Snake plant. This is a pretty rare house plant to find. They are super easy to grow and give a nice, clean look to almost any room style.

Cylindrical Snake Plant or Mother in Law’s Tongue is a simple houseplant that is very low maintenance. These plants can withstand dry soil and low light levels. They’re tough to kill, perfect for a new houseplant owner!

Botanical name is Sansevieria Cylindrica

Mature Height 1.5 to 3 Feet
Mature Width 1.5 to 2 Feet
Foliage Dark gray-green round foliage
Soil Condition Well draining, cactus or succulent mix (part sand)
Water Requirement Likes to go dry
Common Uses Does well in narrow spaces and in low light conditions