Mason Jar Indoor Flower Garden

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Grow beautiful, edible flowers indoors with this charmingly packaged kit.

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Skip the Soil! Here’s the dirt on windowsill gardening: All you need is this mason jar kit, a little water, and a sunny spot to grow perfect pansies, zinnias, chamomile or English daisies without soil. The charmingly packaged kit lets you grow beautiful, edible blooms indoors year-round with no replanting and minimal maintenance. The reusable, vintage-inspired lavender jar is equipped with a passive hydroponic “wicking” system, which brings water and nutrients up to the plant’s roots and protects your flowers from over or under-watering. It’s a great, green gift for aspiring gardeners, home chefs, and apartment dwellers. Designed by Sarah Burrows and Nick Behr; assembled in Illinois.