Mini Fruit & Veggie Windowsill Garden Kit


With this kit, grow the freshest, tastiest produce you’ve ever eaten, right on your windowsill.

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Going Local

Become an ultra locavore! Even with no outdoor gardening space, you can grow delicious tomatoes, strawberries, and peppers with Nathan Littlewood & Robert Elliott’s apartment- and beginner-friendly kit. The key: a selection of three miniature and compact fruit and vegetable seeds from around the world. Pretty much everything else you need is included: a planter box made from fast-growing renewable timber, coco coir pots, dehydrated soil discs (complete with worm castings and water-retaining crystals), and bamboo plant markers. Just add sun, water, time, and a healthy appetite. Assembled in Texas.

Have an outdoor garden but want to start your seeds indoors to get a jump on growing season? Sold separately, this classic selection of fruit and vegetable seeds (including beefsteak tomato, carrots, butternut squash, bibb lettuce, and more) will keep you and your family fed with high-quality fresh produce for the whole season. You’ll get eight seed packets—enough to cover a 128-square-foot growing area. Comes with a planting guide that lays out how to sow, space, and care for each plant.