Swiss Cheese Plant – Monstera

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The Swiss Cheese Plant is also called Monstera. It has large oval holes on each leaf, thus the name swiss cheese. Monstera is a very easy-to-grow houseplant that will add a tropical appeal to any room.

  • Interesting foliage that really gives an exotic look to any room
  • Holes resembling swiss cheese
  • Thinner leaves and bigger holes than the Philodendron monstera
  • It has a vine-like growth habit and can climb up or trail down
  • Perfect for smaller spaces and hanging baskets

Swiss Cheese Plant Frequently Asked Questions

How much light does a Swiss Cheese plants need?

As a houseplant, Swiss Cheese do best with bright, indirect sunlight or fluorescent lighting.

Can Swiss Cheese plants be grown outdoors?

As a native tropical plant, they will only survive in the warmest regions of the country in grow zones 10 through 12.

Is Swiss Cheese an easy house plant to keep alive?

Swiss Cheese plants do like humid conditions but overall, they are pretty easy to grow. They are good for novices as the plant will tell you when it is time to water it. The leaves will droop but perk right back up after giving it a drink of water.

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