Oakland Holly Tree


This Holly is Perfect For a Dense Privacy Screen

Oakland Holly is a relatively new introduction from the Southern Living® Plant Collection. It is known for its distinct oak-shaped leaves that grow densely.

Oakland is a holly that naturally grows in a conical pattern, requiring very little, if any, pruning. Once achieving the appropriate height, The Oakland holly is ideal as a nearly impenetrable privacy screen.

In late winter, The classic bright red holly berries will appear, bringing a touch of color to an otherwise drab, winter landscape. New growth color is bronze to burgundy. Oakland Holly growth rate is considered medium. You can expect 1 to 2 feet of new growth per year. Plant in full sun to part shade. Tolerant of many soil types as long as they drain well.

  • Outstanding, Easy-Care Evergreen
  • Distinctive Bright Green, Lobed Leaves Look Like Oak
  • Classic Pyramid Shape with Very Limited Pruning
  • Brilliant Display of Orange-Red Berries
  • Self-Pollinating for Berries on Every Plant
  • Excellent Hedge, Screening, or Barrier Plants
  • Deer Resistant
Botanical Name Ilex hybrid ‘Magland’
Average Height 15 to 20 feet
Average Width 12 to 15 feet
Sunlight Full Sun to part shade
Growth Habit Upright pyramidal
Soil: Very tolerant of most soil conditions
Grow Zones 6 to 9

Grow Zones 6 - 9

USDA Hardiness Zones 6 through 9