Steeds Holly

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Perfect Evergreen for Privacy

Steeds is the Holly shrub professional landscapers prefer with homeowners looking for privacy. They plant it a lot more than the popular Nellie Stevens Holly because it takes up about half the space in your yard.  Steeds is a Japanese Holly, similar to a Sky Pencil Holly except it is a little taller, wider and has a more pyramidal growth habit. Since it is a Japanese Holly, Steeds will not produce red berries. They produce familiar, small, white flowers in spring but the berries are black. Neither the flowers or berries are very noticeable.

Steeds Holly shrubs prefer full to partial sun and their growth rate is about 6 to 12 inches a year. Steeds Holly is pretty adaptable for soil conditions as long as it drains well. Steeds Holly is well known for not having a lot of problems. They are disease resistant, have few insect problems and deer tend to leave them alone. The only problem for Steeds and most Holly shrubs is when they are pruned when it is wet. The exposed cuts are known to easily get a fungus that can spread fast. Don’t prune if there is dew in the morning or recent rains where the foliage is still wet. 

Steeds Holly makes a great medium size hedge or privacy wall.  They can easily be pruned to keep at a height around 6 feet tall and wide. It’s also used as an accent at the end of a foundation to create some height without being too large. They can be used in containers but the container needs to be brought indoors if it gets cold enough for the soil and moisture in the container to freeze.

Steeds Holly Plant Facts:

Botanical Name:

Ilex crenata ‘Steeds’

Average Height: 6 – 8 feet
Average Width: 4 – 5 feet
Sunlight: Full sun, Partial sun
Drought Tolerance: Good, once established
Growth Rate: 6 to 12 inches a year
Pruning Time: Prune anytime in the year
Grow Zones: 5 to 9

Grow Zones 5-9

USDA Hardiness Grow Zones 5 to 9