Unboxing Plants From PlantingTree.com

Unboxing PlantingTree.com Plants

I placed an order in the spring of 2019 on PlantingTree.com.  I bought a 1-gallon Rosemary plant for $17.99 + $13.95 shipping for a total of 31.94. The day I ordered they were offering a free Climax Blueberry bush. It made me feel a little better about the total cost. I got 2, 1-gallon container shrubs shipped to my door for $31.94, I’m good with that.

Rosemary plant in containerShopping on the Planting Tree website was easy. I actually wasn’t sure what to get. I have a heavy cement planter on my patio that needed something that could withstand summer sun & heat. The website has a lot of good information and filters to narrow down your choices. After browsing their site, I decided on the Rosemary plant. 

Rosemary is a woody perennial that makes a wonderful aromatic for any yard or garden. Rosemarinus offinalis is the botanical name. Originally from the Medditeranean, Rosemarinus is Latin for ‘dew of the sea’. ‘Officinalis’ infers that Rosemary is an official variety used in medicine or has medicinal properties. Today Rosemary is a popular seasoning for lamb, fish and many more dishes.

I ordered late on a Thursday and The Planting Tree shipped the 2 plants Monday. That was smart. If they shipped on Friday the plant would have withered in a hot FedEx truck over the weekend.

Planting Tree UnboxingI’ve posted pictures below unboxing the Planting Tree order and of the plants. If there’s any knock, they seem to be packing things a little less securely than anyone else we have ordered from recently. It’s nothing terribly bad. My ship time was short, a longer transit time may have had a worse outcome.  The top plant was not secured in any way. It was upside down when I opened the box.

2 plants per box with a container on both ends of a box is common and good practice. I’ve never received an order, until this one from Planting Tree, where the containers weren’t secured. Most orders arrive with industrial staples through the box into the container. A pain to get the staples out but prevents plants from shifting during shipping.

Our pictures of the unboxing from an order placed with The Tree Center shows the plants secured with corrugated collars. They even stapled the box in a way where I didn’t have to mess with any of them to get the box open. Pretty ingenious.

I noticed a Planting Tree review commenting about 2 plants they received that had the containers put in opposite ends of the box. They weren’t secured down, allowing for obvious movement.

The actual plants, especially the Rosemary, I was very happy with. Full, well established plant with a great root system. The Climax Blueberry was nice as well.  Planting Tree sent out good looking plants.

Overall, a good shopping experience and I am happy with the plants I received. I look forward to ordering from the Planting Tree again.

Unboxing PlantingTree.com Picture Gallery